Tilea cordata 'Greenspire' 'PNI 6025'

Linden Tree

Technical information

Height: 9m x 6m

Habit & Growth rate: The Tilea cordata 'Greenspire' 'PNI 6025' has s trong central leader with a pyramid growth habit. Slow to moderate growth rate.

Foliage: Cordate leaf, meaning heart shape. Foliage turns yellow in autumn from dark green. Fragrant creamy-yellow flowers in summer.


The Tilea cordata 'Greenspire' is a medium sized tree with moderate growth rate. It has excellent form and displays grey brown fissured bark. The bark will furrow with age. Tilea cordata performs best in moist but well drained soils. It prefers full sun/part shade. Tolerant of ubran areas and aerial salt conditions.

Reference: Edward F. Gilman 1997 Trees for Urban and Suburban Landscapes

David More & John White 2003 Cassell’s Trees Of Britain & Northern Europe.

All plant dimensions are estimates only and ultimate size and growth rates will depend on growing conditions, particularly when used in some urban environments.