As a proud member of the team at Mt William Advanced Trees, I have over 20 years’ experience in various nursery practices. I have worked in four nurseries ranging from dibbling multi sown seedlings, direct seed native tubes and plugs, through to despatch of up to and including 3000lt root ball stock as well as working as a landscape labourer and planting trees for private and government timber plantation as well as revegetation projects. The quality of roots have always been an issue. Be it from concerns for public safety in revegetated bush walking tracks, private and government forestry plantations, or general and government landscaping.

All members of the team at Mt William Advanced Tree Nursery have genuine interest in growing the best possible quality stock, this is not just work, this is passion, care, and understanding for our trees to be noticed when planted, and to continue to grow healthy and strong long after leaving our sites.

As part of this experience, coupled with education and knowledge, we in the field at Mt William do our utmost to seek out the problematic issues in root balls of trees we pot up while trying to maintain root structure of those without integrity issues, this is in no way an easy task.

Mt William Advanced Tree Nursery staff initiate internal stock quality checks during production, internal movements, and prior to despatch. We continue to strive to keep our stock at the highest standard possible. Quality from the roots up. Through these checks we dispose of or remedy any unsuitable stock though our production methods.

Bob Jones
West Goldie Road Site Supervisor
Mt William Advanced Tree Nursery

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