Quercus palustris Pringreen 'Green Pillar'

Fastigiated Pin Oak


Technical information

Height: 14m x Width: 3m

Habit & Growth rate: Moderate growth rate with a fastigiated, upright form. The Quercus palustris Pringreen 'Green Pillar' has dense, uniformed and upright branching.

Foliage: The Quercus palustris Pringreen "Green Pillar' displays glossy, dark green, deeply lobed leaves. In Autumn, leaves turn to a deep red to bronze colour and in winter leaves will often persist until the new bud forces them to fall. Insignificant flower in spring.


The Quercus palustris Pringreen 'Green Pillar' is a great feature tree due to its form and foliage. Ideal to use where lateral space is restricted and an excellent choice for use in an avenue planting. This Tree is adaptable to a wide range of conditions including pollution, drought prone areas and will also tolerate sandy or clay soils.



All plant dimensions are estimates only and ultimate size and growth rates will depend on growing conditions, particularly when used in some urban environments.