Acer monspessulanum

Montpelier Maple

Technical information

Height: 8-10m

Foliage: Has a relatively small leaf which is shiny green, the underside is blue green. In autumn it turns into a conspicuous yellow. The leaf shows a clear resemblance with Acer campestre, but does not contain milky sap.


A species of maple native to the Mediterranean region from Morocco and Portugal in the west, to Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel in the east. A. monspessulanum shows no sign of being troubled by pests or disease and is a remarkably healthy tree and is very drought tolerant and tolerates many varied soil types. Only has a moderate tolerance to salt. It comes as a surprise it is not used more in the urban landscape due to its and high tolerance levels and its ability to be pruned quite hard without effecting tree health, as it is used throughout Europe as hedging plant.

Reference: David More & John White 2003 Cassell’s Trees Of Britain & Northern Europe.

All plant dimensions are estimates only and ultimate size and growth rates will depend on growing conditions, particularly when used in some urban environments.