Elaeocarpus reticulatus 'Prima Donna'

Blueberry Ash

Technical information

Height: 8-15m; Width: 3-5m


Evergreen Australian native that is a wide spread species growing from Fraser Isalnd to Tasmania. Elaeocarpus reticulatus will perform well in a wide range of conditions.They prefer deep fertile well drained soils but will grow well on poorer soils as long as there is good aeration and they are not allowed to dry out. Wiil toerate dryness once established. Suitable for moderate coastal exposure. 

Suitable as ornamental plantings in gardens, parks, streetscapes and excellent for screening and or hedging.

The habit of the tree is small narrowly erect tree(very rarley growing past 6-8m in southern states) with brown bark that sometimes develops vertical cracks, leaves are often bronze-red when young maturing to dark glossy green. Flowers between October to Septmeber displaying bell shaped light pink flowers followed by small blue in coloured berries.

Reference: Costermans L. F. Native trees and shrubs of South Eastern Australia.
Roger Spencer: Horticultural Flora of South Eastern Australian Volume 2 Part 1.

All plant dimensions are estimates only and ultimate size and growth rates will depend on growing conditions, particularly when used in some urban environments.