Corymbia tessellaris

Moreton Bay Ash, Black Butt

Technical information

Height: This species is often a tall, graceful tree up to 30m but has a much reduced habit on exposed coastal sites and away from its natural habitat may only reach 10-20m.


Corymbia tessellaris is widespread in the eastern half of Queensland extending from south from Cape York Peninsula into northern NSW.This fast growing tree is tolerant of hot climates, drought and strong coastal salty winds. Has a lignotuberous root system and has good erosion control potential. Excellent for clayey and or sandy sites, but will not tolerate water logged soils. Good as ornamental or amenity tree in the urban environment. The bark is rough for first 1-4m of trunk, tessellated, dark grey to black abruptly changing to whitish smooth bark.

corymbia tessellaris

Reference: Costermans L. F. 1991 Native trees and shrubs of South Eastern Australia.

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All plant dimensions are estimates only and ultimate size and growth rates will depend on growing conditions, particularly when used in some urban environments.