Casuarina cunninghamiana

River Sheoak


Technical information

Height: 12-25m, Width: 6-8m

Habit & Growth rate: Casuarina cunninghamiana occurs across much of Eastern Australia from southern NSW to norther Queensland and inland for up to 400km, fringing freshwater rivers and streams.

Under cultivation it tolerates drought, seasonal water logging and slight to moderate salinty. The root system is moderate to deep and develops a thick mat, is excellent for erosion control.

Foliage: This species is dioecious with male and female flowers on separate plants. With age after planting it will develop a shaggy canopy with elegant pendulous branchlets.

For something different to birches in clumps the River Sheoak looks great planted in clumps and is excellent for screening. Responds well to pruning and can be quite easily coppiced.



Casuarina cunninghamiana 384x285

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All plant dimensions are estimates only and ultimate size and growth rates will depend on growing conditions, particularly when used in some urban environments.