We use the amazing Rocket® POT

rocket pot eucalyptus roots

Select quality grown trees with quality root system for your next project from Mt William Advanced Tree Nursery.

  • Rocket®POT root prune by guiding root tips to open air
  • Rocket®POT allows high oxygen permeation to the growing medium
  • Fine root tips grow until they reach a cusp on the Rocket®POT
  • Where they lose apical dominance.
  • Then root branching occurs well back in the root ball
  • The process repeats at accelerating rate
  • The growing medium becomes colonised with many non circling roots

Direct seeded Eucalypt into S1020 Rocket® POTrocketpot exposed radical

"Quality Trees From The Roots Up"

  • The radicle runs quickly to the base air root prunes each and every time
  • Lateral root growth is stimulated and root-pruned at the wall
  • The rate of root development becomes exponential
  • Multiple fine root tip development
  • More feeding roots per litre of potting media
  • Large root population ready to rapidly colonise the planting site


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