12. Conditions That Can Affect Trees

Many circumstances out of Mt Williams control may affect the survival of your tree once it has left the nursery, therefore no guarantee can be given. Listed below are some of the things that can have an affect upon your tree.

      • Damage in transport
      • Tree dying out during transport or before planting
      • Tree dying out after planting
      • Root damage at time of planting
      • Root damage after planting due to movement e.g. wind
      • Too much water, often due to automatic watering system
      • Poor drainage
      • Pests and disease
      • Contamination of soil e.g. salinity, buried toxins, limestone etc
      • Use of weedicides around the tree or drift
      • Planting in wrong locations or unsuitable climate
      • Incorrect pruning or at the wrong time
      • Incorrect planting e.g. covering the graft
      • Gas contamination
      • Compaction of soil before or after planting
      • Vandalism
      • Mechanical damage
      • Allowing the root ball to dry out and become impermeable to water although surroundings soil is damp

The only guarantee given is that all plants supplied are of good quality basically because during the growing season any plants, which do not conform to our requirements, are removed and destroyed. Therefore all trees are true to name, disease and pest free and have a well developed root structure to support the plant.