2. Root Ball Preparation

Before plating a tree, it should be watered in the container 3-4 times to ensure the root ball is well hydrated before planting.

Mt William Advanced Tree Nursery mainly uses pruned containers which minimize circling roots, but you should inspect all root balls for root circling and as a matter of course, make a series of 3 or 4 cuts in the root ball from top to bottom to a depth of 23cm. (Figure 2)

figure2 wFigure 2. Showing side cuts into root ball.

If a mat of root exists on the bottom this should be cut off. The effect on shoot growth after this is minimal. But what it does do is help eliminate root circling and potential rood girdling and help regenerate new roots into the surrounding soil (Figure 3).

figure3 wFigure 3. Trimming bottom of root ball


If severe root pruning is required, monitoring water requirements is even more critical after planting.